Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wooley does Magic

 a little Wednesday night animation :)


Ying-Hsuan (Jennifer) Chen said...

awww i love the reading part!<3<3

Chris Hong said...

i love his "confident" look lmao yay good job seema!! i no ur gonna get the buddy!!!!!!!! XD

JON said...

Super cute! Great animation!

Ted Blackman said...

Oh Wooley, what have you done?! Funny stuff.

Sjan Weijers said...


Seema Virdi said...

hehe thanks guys!! :D

jen- this may seem silly but the reading part was my favorite to animate! its such a small thing but i enjoyed it so much :)

chris- oh man i hope soo!! it would be amazing!

jon- thanks so much! :D

ted- glad you found it funny :) thanks!

sjan- thank you!