Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Character Design - Posing

Just some of my poses. I'm kind of nervouse about this assignment... I dont feel like I pushed it enough! Well I dont have time to redo it yet so we'll see!

Hand And Feet Drawings

I thought I wouldnt be one of those people to post my hand and feet (hand and foot?) drawings...but i did. so i am.
They looked much better at 6:30 in the morning :0

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Habit : Addiction to Design

My good friend Emily W. has started an amazing blog to help keep students and artists connected with cool events and inspirational people within the GTA. I was lucky enough to have been asked to be a contributor, and I have just entered in my first post :) There are several people who regularily update the blog, which offers a diverse range of insight, from fashion design, graphic design, photography, film and animation!
Please check out the Blog, add it to your favourites, follow it, subscribe, do whatever you can to help us get this blog up and going! We really would like some more followers, and its a great way to get connected with anything artsy in the GTA!
Also check out Emily's Website, shes very talented and her work is just amazing! Shes currently in a design program, but her talents stretch across the board, from photography, to print making, and she even makes some beautiful jewelery that is available to purchase off of her website :)
I hope to get some feedback on the blog from you guys soon, and dont forget to follow it!