Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Recently i joined a character design website called Mojizu. Its really neat! You upload your characters and then other mojizu users vote. if you get enough votes, your moji goes to battle, theres 3 rounds and then a super match! its really neat, and its been a nice motivator for me to do some digital work :)
i didnt exactly watch the tangents in the skull reaper guy... i kind of cringe a little bit when i see it. maybe a reaper man version 2 is on its way! the top one is Grizzly Jack resurrected with some colour! I have yet to put him up on mojizu tho :p

If anyone decides to make an account, please stop by my entry and rate my moji! also, be my friend on there, its really lonely!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Silly Seema

so my computer went all psycho and i lost some files i was working on b/c I'm silly and didn't back them up on my external hardrive.. :( I'm a little depressed right now but I'm sure I'll recover after a little break from this nonsense...

I've learnt an important lesson in all this. computers are lame.