Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sicky Poo

Feels like I'm always sick these days! I've been drinking tons and tons of lemon and echinacea tea for the past week!

Btw, everyone needs to go watch Paranorman!!!!! It was amazing and beautiful in every way possible!! WATCH IT!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

who needs sleep?

I had an idea about a dad that cant get any sleep. Heres a panel :) Its kind of based off of some of the bed time shenanigans I used to pull as a child :)....i really should be working on my film lol

again just posting my roughest of scribbles that I'm normally terrified of sharing! 


work sketches, film sketches and some rough things! Toronto wind makes my hair messy.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

new film character

heres a really rough and quick painting of my opera film character, costuming is going to be fun haha....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things I've been doing

So I finished up my internship at House of Cool a few weeks ago :) It was amazing! for our last day they treated us to lunch at TIFF and our mentors Sarah, Jason and Rodrigo bought us moleskin story boarding sketchbooks! (I've use that sketchbook and i dont think i can go back to my 7 dollar ones!)Words cant describe how much I love that place :) Theres a picture of me and Perin Jumping on the boss's couch while he was away :) (totally stole it off of the house of cool blog!) Thanks to every one there, I had a wonderful time! They also called us back to do a little one week job so thats exciting! my first job in feature animation :)

Heres a really rough sculpt i did of my NEW film character! I changed my idea again but for the last time. Its about an opera singer...and thats all you need to know. for now. :)

also, i'll have a massive post and a film blog to share in about 20 days! I'm just working on a pitch package to get a spot in the stop motion studio at school right now, so I've been busy! Hopefully I'll get the spot!
be back soon! and sorry that this post has so many smiles and exclamation points i'm just excited haha