Sunday, May 30, 2010

Animal Walk

For an animation student's blog, this blog sure doesnt have much animation on it.

I think this will be the only one from first year that i'll be posting because the rest of them feel way to excersizie!


After watching Shrek forever after I needed to get the ogres out of my system. I'm working on a little character design pack of a much better design for an ogre, but i thought i would post the doodle that led to the super idea first!

the reason i'm not particularly happy with this, is that his bottom half looks a little dis connected to his top half. His legs are just too long and not dumpy enough, But then again this just started off as a doodle that went out of control...

and again, this paper looks like oatmealie barf!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Drawing

Last night i got bored of drawing the model so i changed her :) next week i want to try turning the model into a creature!

its gettin hot in hurr

Lady Gaga

finally done!! I just flat coloured it because i need to do some actual still life practice or something before i try a person from my head..:|

got the lace brush from scully7491 on deviant art

Sunday, May 9, 2010


how could anyone not want to draw her outfits?

Happy Mom's Day!

derrr i dunno..

not finished because i got bored!
maybe i'll TRY painting this....maybe...