Saturday, February 11, 2012

Circus Test

Needs to be tweaked still, especially when it gets to the second painting. gotta get some help next week :S also it might just be the laptop i'm on but the colours are kind of strange..hhmm any who here it is :
) i'll post the paintings another day i guess!


Elaine Chen said...

I really reallly enjoyed that! Played it over again.
I just thought the pan up was a bit quick..prehaps if there was music to initiate that pan up, or I wouldn't have known the motivation for the pan. other wise, great little piece! Love the beginning.

Mauricio said...

Cool so far :) Congrats on getting this far and good luck with the rest. I remember working on school projects and how they were both fun and painful at times. It's exciting, though and I look forward to seeing the culmination.

Ted Blackman said...

I like it. I would have held on the circus ring a little longer before the upward pan. But that's all. Looks great!

Seema Virdi said...

thanks for the tips guys :)

when i was picking the music i tried to keep what you said in mind elaine, but there wasnt much choice on the server for circus music tbh

lol yeh painful and fun...those are the correct choice of words mauricio :p haha

and thanks ted! too bad i didnt read your comment until now, i'll go back and give it a try, the general criticism is that its too fast so i should really fix that it seems!