Thursday, February 17, 2011

Full Body Lip Synch

eeekk! I'm going through one of those "I suck!" weeks, so I haven't felt like posting anything! This is the only decent thing I feel Ive done in awhile, but I still cringe
every time I watch this.. :( hopefully I'll get out of this funk soon!!!
I'm going to animate another part of this song because animating stuff thats so overly enunciated is super fun :)


Victoria C. said...

aw you don't suck I still think your Pretty darn cool! I like this!

Seema said...

LOL aww thanks victoria :p haha i think im coming out of my funk:p had lots of fun today drawing my mermaids!


You know that I am partial to this song, good job on this. :)

Seema said...

I was definitely inspired to animate a musical after watching your thesis film :p thanks!