Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rough Entry

Before i submit this as a final piece for a character design contest, I just wanted to get some feedback on it from anyone who cares to please help me out :)

Criticism on stuff like proportion, or even just the design of certain things would help. I will be fixing his feet, because they do look pretty small, and I just suddenly realized how odd the combination of a wrench and test tube is...

hes supposed to be a scientists assistant.

I think I'll give him some arm hair too.

also, coloured or not coloured?


Victor Preto said...

hey, its me again :P i must say its a pretty cool character design, although there are some small problems here and there that you can easily touch up, like the hair at the back, the goggles, the way both arms are connected to the clothing, the left armpit area, the left hand, the right thumb and pinky, and the feet, just a few things i would personally focus on touching up, everything else is pretty good, very impressive especially considering that your coming straight out of highschool. good luck with the contest :)


haha he is awesome. :D