Monday, September 7, 2009

Contest Entry Coloured

The last character design of my 17th year on the planet! I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to check out this design and help me fix very obvious errors. Thanks to everyone who helped me on Facebook (Leanne, Mehreen and Shamar), Victor (who checked it out on my blog and left a very helpful comment, comments make me so happy!), Dakota who made me feel much better about the design :D, and Kristen who helped me for about a half hour of her life and even corrected stuff on photoshop!

haha that felt like an academy awards speech..yupp I'm a nerd!

It is definitely not perfect, and some of the things that i know should have been fixed that manny of you pointed out to me..i didn't fix (out of laziness and a rush to get this done before school started!)

I named him Demetri, after the best comedian in the world, Demetri Martin. I listened to him alot while drawing this!

let me know what you think :) (not like many people check out my blog to begin with :P)

also check out Dakota Zima's entry!




He is so awesome!!~

You are gonna pwn Seema.

ktotheris10 said...

Here's me hoping you win!

Victor Preto said...

cool, definatly improved it from the original, im glad you found my comment helpful :)
and hope your first day of classes today were as awesome as mines were!

Dan Sprogis said...

nice character!

Seema said...

thanks guys! :D
the first week was alright, didnt get into mutch drawing but i guess we have the rest of the year for that!

Olya.T said...

Seemaaa you are so awesome:) love that he`s a scientist`s assistant ;)

Seema said...

haha thanks olga!