Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crayolaa pencil crownss

When I was little I used to call pencil crayons crowns and my sister would get so mad at me, but I honestly couldn't say crayons!
Then yesterday I found a stash of them in a giant Spacemaker (that was the cool pencil case to have.) and I wasn't feeling good so I doodled this instead of doing homework :). Her legs are funny.


Meredith said...

Dearest choco bear... (ps im sure you already know who it is, but just in case you dont, im your very bestest bus buddy: meredith... not JENNY, or jane, for that matter.

anywho, i am being a good friend and checking out your blog only to find that there are no mentions/ shout outs/ thanks to... of ME! the closest you got was when you were posting about your history test.

so this is a comment to let you know that you're amazing and you should mention me more often :)

much loove, vanilla bear

na na na na na na na na na na na na naaaaaaaaa

goodnight..... and goodluck....

Seema said...

LOL oh man that STILL makes me laugh!

I'm sorry I didnt mention you D: I write about Kristen alot haha
i'll do a jenny vs jane drawing and title it meredith!

and thank you :P you always make me feel good with all your compliments hehe

hows megan fox's rose doing? at break we googled her toethumb, and all i have to say is that thumb touched that rose. yeh..

<3 see you at commencement merebelle

guno park said...

Seema, it's nice to see that you are thrilled about school and that you are working hard. The drawing of the tea pot where you mention a certain 'joe', I hope you don't mean me because I think it's a great drawing.

I haven't updated my blog at all because I'm very busy, butnot busy enough to browse your blog and the other guys from your class. It sounds like everyone is doing good.

Keep it up Seema. You are very talented and I'm very proud of you.

Seema said...

aww! Thanks Joe!! haha i was so sure youd never read/see that!

sharad said...

good...demetri is nice work! keep it up!:)

Anonymous said...

hey seema...kewl work haan....since u belong to canada id like to know how good is the animation program at sheridan....i plan to join the would be gr88 if u could lemme know///

Seema said...

heyy Dhira!
I'm really enjoying the animation program at sheridan so far! We're learning the basics, but judging from the work of the other years, it really does look like an amazing but intense program! So if you do decide to attend Sheridan, be ready to work very hard!

I cant exactly compare it to other programs, but it is deffinately what you make of your own education in the end!