Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Thesis Character!

OK!! Sooo this design feels so much more like what I was trying to get at this entire time! It feels more "me" i guess! finally :') I did a bunch more sketches of her, but i wont post them until I clean them up in photoshop :) I feel like i'm on such a design roll today, and i dont want to stop! But my silly elective has gotten in the way :'( now its time to read!

also, i just realized i saved it with the wrong line layer on her breast plate! lol I cant do anything about it now because i left the photoshop file at school :'( I'll update this later i guess, for now you can look at her wonky boob! 
(also couldnt decide if i liked her on a black or white bg so you get two! yay!)


Chris Hong said...

so pretty!!! she got younger :O i personally like the black, makes the pink brighter and pop more. i love it!! wish there was a 2d edition of your film :P

Ted Blackman said...

I think she looks great, Seema.

Claudio Cerri said...

This character is simply beautiful!

Seema Virdi said...

thank you!!! and yeh chris, i've been kind of battling with myself about that :'( i might just animate her in 2d for fun if theres some time at some point!