Thursday, May 10, 2012

Internship and 4th year film stuff!

yay i'm back! and i have a ton of work to share so i'll just get right to it!

I did a bit of a board for my 4th year film a few weeks back, but as i started it i realized how terrible it was going so i stopped! I think this particular incarnation of monster buddy will be put to rest, because its really not working . I'm playing around with other ideas and hopefully i'll think of something i'm happier with soon! I'm posting it so it will live on somewhere! but really these boards are awful..

the idea was to have it all a stop motion film except for the monster who would be a 2D animated character! I think i'm sticking with this basic idea, but i'm trying to take it somewhere...umm fantastical? haha i hardly know whats going on myself, but i guess thats part of the fun right :s

 I also did a test of what the texture on the monster might look like

I wanted it to almost look like a drawing from the kids head. but all of this is being scrapped! A very good point that my story teacher pointed out was that i should have more of a reason for him to be 2D animated, like he should be able to fly around and not be so planted to the ground or SOMETHING like that! and i agree!

I'm not sure if i posted these but here are some very very early scribbles of the possible monsters...

BUT they're all going in the trash! 

I also started my internship for the summer! I'm interning in Toronto at House of Cool :) things i've learned so far, animation studios are the best, commuting sucks, and people in Toronto are the nicest!
I feel SUPER lucky to have gotten this internship because the studio is so cool and the people that work there are beyond amazing! everyone is super talented, friendly and very helpful! Some of my favorite artists have worked there, so its an extra cool feeling! (check out the BLOG to see all the cool stuff that goes on there! They have a ping pong table and pie thursdays! :D )
The insane thing is, its a story internship, and anyone that knows me knows how i feel about boarding. I really admire people that actually CAN board, and i've always wished i could be better at it. but the truth is i really struggle with it and i'm hoping this internship will help me become (at least) not a total lost cause when it comes to story boarding! we'll see how i do in a couple of months i guess

I started a summer update blog to keep one of my friends posted on how stuff is going at the internship and in canada (shes awesome and got a position in LA!) and i drew her some sketches of me on the job

Me and my fellow intern Perin have been boarding on paper, and working on a table RIGHT in the middle of the studio which has been scary because people are walking by all the time....and you dont know whos sneaking a peak at your work! haha

apparently its a requirement to be super tall if you want to work at house of cool. but no one told me! i guess it doesnt matter if your an intern

this is actually what i look like every time i have to pitch or show someone my work! 

and heres some drawings of food i've eaten!

Theres so much more to put up on the blog, but i think thats enough for now! 

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Ted Blackman said...

Gosh, Seema, you really are beating up on yourself in this post. Stop doing that, you're very talented. There's an old saying: 'Never let them see you sweat'.
And guess what: you don't have to point out artistic mistakes to people; if it's there, they will see it without your help, believe me. ha ha. Chances are they won't even notice most of the time, if you don't remind them. I thought your animation test was pretty good, for instance.

When I first began art directing it was very difficult to draw in front of other artists while they watched me, but overtime it became completely natural since I was doing it so much. Sitting in the middle of all that traffic is the best thing for you, you'll see in time.