Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Monster Buddy Sketches

Lots of angry little boys. Heavily inspired by searle of course! I want to somehow translate this style into stop motion puppets, so i need to start experimenting soon!

I have tons of stuff i want to share and update, but it looks like it will have to wait until school is over because i want to do a a proper post! The past few weeks have been VERY exciting, and i've been able to see a lot of cool stuff and hear a lot of inspiring people talk :) this is all probably one of those things that only I think is cool though haha

Good luck to everyone finishing up their last few weeks of school, and congratulations to everyone finishing up their thesis films! summers almost here, we can all make it!


ART-Filiated said...

the kid in the middle reminds me of Helga Pataki haha

Art by Randy said...

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog! Your stuff is fantastic!

Mauricio said...

Cool retro looking guys here, Seema. And best of luck with finishing up the last couple of weeks - looking forward to seeing it when it's all done.

Nikolas Ilic said...

these are sweet :)

Ted Blackman said...

These models look great, Seema, very professional.

They don't remind me too much of Ronald Searle, which to me is a good thing. In '87, we did a Mighty Mouse episode in Searle's style at Bakshi studios, but lately it seems everyone has been aping his style. Good job.