Thursday, August 20, 2009


hahaha i'm such a keener. this acctually is the most wobbly grandma ever! i'm only ok with the last 3 drawings, looks better than the rest of it!
i did this for fun.. i need a life :( gave me an appreciation for any animation i see. its hard work D: these 10 drawings took me oh so very long to do. i only did it b/c i was stuck at work with my mom waiting for the storm to die down. year will be fun :



Did you use movie maker to animate this..?

I have been meaning to make something small but not sure what to use. I don't have any kickass animation programs on this computer, and i dunno if i should make a gif because that will take a long time hehe

Seema said...

yess i used movie maker, but its not very good for animation :s its kinda chopy b/c the image stays on the screen for too long, and that was the shortest i could get it!

try it out tho :) its pretty neat!