Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ho hum

some life drawing por jew.
also, whats more manly than a cop on a bike?

used that site (copied Glen Keane's drawings so i could get some practice on Tarzan!)
Honestly though, just from mindlessly copying a few of Glen Keane's sketches, I really feel like it transfered into my life drawing. I feel like it really came across in the portrait I did (maybe i'm the only one that gets this!)
and the bike in my biker picture is something i found on google but cant link b/c i cant find it again :(
k bye:)


kod ekle said...

Just wonderful...

Seema said...

Thank you!


Thanks Seema! I Am going through a bunch of Disney films. I am having fun drawing stuff from the screen shots. :p

Btw. your Tarzan is SEXY.
Nicee legs. ;)

I need to update more stuff. Haha.

Rainie G said...

YEAHHH! TARZEN! haha you are right! we posted the same life drawing from tuesday night :D