Monday, July 13, 2009

Digital Painting

Just practicing with my tablet, the last one was my first attempt. The top image is what i just completed. I'm pretty pleased with it because i deffinately see improvement, and i also learned so much about how to use my tablet! Its not perfect, but i'm happy. :)
Taking a break from the tablet, my eyes and hands hurt! :P
Btw, sort of figured out that a tablet it just like painting, I learned that from watching a few videos of Bobby Chiu painting on YouTube :P
Hopefully my next post wont be a frilly princess!!


ktotheris10 said...

You should draw a cowboy, or a grizzled old army man.

Seema said...

I love drawing Cowboys! Those crazy gunslingin kinds, not the crappy Broke Back Mountain stuff.
on my deviant art i have one but its too crappy to post on my blog :P

also in grade 10 media arts i did a flash project about scrabble playing CowBoys that never got finished :( it was going to be awesome. I feel like you would have appreciated it.


Thanks seema!! Haha i love animals!!

Your princesses btw are soo cuteee.

I wish i could take the time to tablet color. :P I'm lazy bum. haha