Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stop Motion Tests

Test from week 6

just a few tests i've done over the past 6 weeks of school (technically i've only animated for 5 days!)
I love stop motion class, this medium of animation is amazingly fun and so magical! i've been waiting for so long to try it out and i've been so stoked for it but now its confused me :( I dont know exactly what direction to head into.. but we'll see i guess! lets just hope i make the right decision!

anywhooo puppets on the way :) should be done by the end of reading week i hope!

**EDIT! I forgot to mention that the last animation test was done with my friend Chris Hong :p


Ben Whitehouse said...

Yay! Welcome to the world of stop motion. I think your style of character designs turned in to puppets would be fantastic. Awesome work Seema!

Mauricio said...

Whoa, these are cool! I don't know if it's just me, but the lankiness of the figures makes them all that much more creepy, especially in stop motion a la Time Burton.

TF said...

these are brilliant. It seems you've already got the hang of it: the movements and illusion of weight are almost perfect! Well done :)

Ty Carter said...

Ha! This is really inspiring work. I always wish I would have been able to take a stop motion class at school....I think i need to set up shop at home:) Beautiful stuff

Ted Blackman said...

This has to be great fun. I remember Harryhausen talking about how difficult it was to keep all the movements in your head when you were animating multiple stop-motion characters in the old days, like the skeleton fight in Jason and the Argonauts. He said if the phone rang or he had to answer the door he would have to struggle to remember where he was when he got back.

Seema Virdi said...

Ben- Thanks so much! :D I'm going to try to keep making more puppets, its amazingly fun!

Mauricio- i agree! stop motion has this quality to its movements that is inherently creepy, mixed with the jack skellington esque limbs, the final result is pretty freaky! lol

TF- aw man thank you! Lets hope i'm as successful when i attempt full body movements!

Ty- thank you so much! you definitely should:) i think just practicing stop motion, whether you want to pursue it or not really forces you to look at animating differently!

Ted- oh wow its awesome to know that i'm not the only one who finds it difficult! Its crazy enough handling one puppet! that's awesome :)