Monday, September 26, 2011

Action Analysis - Miss Fortune Story Reel

So here is my idea for my action analysis! i spent a decent amount of time on the boards (i also learned that i work a little better under pressure :)) but i spent hardly any time trying to time it (found out i work terribly under a shit tonne of pressure) sooo i'm going to fix it when i can.. I also had to cut out a lot of panels and the big thing that happens at the end b/c we needed to have it 30 seconds maximum :( oh well i'll add them some other time i guess! I also need to add some music! i found the perfect track for this :D i cant wait to put it together!! Any ways, here it is! Miss Fortune :)

also for anyone who is unfamiliar with this sheridan assignment, there will be a fully animated and composited scene cut into this by the end of the semester :)

**EDIT! theres music now :) the timing will be fixed for the final product tho, i dont know how long the animation will be yet :p


Mauricio said...

Awesome work, Seema! Even without sound or anything else, the points you want to get across are communicated well. Can't wait to see the final :)

Seema Virdi said...

Thanks :D