Wednesday, August 3, 2011


this is what an overambitious summer project has done to me... plus three other artistic endeavors that are favors for some family and friends.. D: i dont think i'll make it to september.
heres something old that i drew in layout class! just found it on my computer and forgot it existed until now! (i hope i'm not double posting :0) its a little sketch of my classmate paul, i liked his outfit with his cool aqua pants! so i naturaly had to draw it. I had 2 more of other classmates who where very well dressed that day, but i cant find the sketchbook that these are from :s bummer!


Claudio Cerri said...

The first sketch is very funny!

Naomi said...

LOL nice Seems! Don't worry I have faith in you...and I remember that sketch of Paul!

Seema said...


and thanks naomi! remembering you there made me remember that i drew them on the back of my layouts LOL now i think i know where the others are :B

Mauricio said...

Your self portrait sketch is funny, and it reminds me either of a style or a character that I can't seem to remember right now. Oh well, fun nonetheless.