Tuesday, May 17, 2011

poor, obscure, plain, and little

I just finished reading Jane Eyre last night and it was wonderful :) heres a little doodle I did of Jane! I have a Mr Rochester and Blanch Ingram on there way too and some Emily of New Moon Sketches! (oh goodness i'm so dorky) I've just been reading a lot of wonderful books lately and I've been influenced :)

does anyone have any book suggestions? I've just read 4 books all with pretty serious/ kind of sad/ bittersweet endings and i want something a little more light hearted! I have Robinson Crusoe that i might read.. do you know of any classics that are happy? :s lol

also...**shakes fist at blogger** you destroyed the colours of my painting!!


Ted Blackman said...

Beautiful Jane doodle.

I don't consider my favorite book light-hearted but it's certainly the best story I've ever read: The Mutiny On The Bounty trilogy. It's in three parts: First is about Tahiti and the actual mutiny, 2nd is about Bligh's successful trek across the ocean in a small skiff, almost dying from it, and 3rs part is about how Fletcher Christian's mutineers lives played out on Pitcairn Island. All of this story is true which is what makes it so amazing, and it was written in the 1930s so the language isnt as stuffy as Victorian novels. I've read Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island and Kidnapped, which are great, but the Mutiny on The Bounty is so much better. You won't be able to put it down. Amen.

Victoria C. said...

BAH! I had to read this in grade 11 english. Thats what I get for going to an all girl school. um... Jane Austen books are good if you like Jane eyre. Long but good ending

how do you get that brush look the one that sorta looks like a crayon? I want to get that effect for my drawings to so far I found you have to make it which I highly doubt I can or get it from someone else.

Anonymous said...

It's not exactly a "classic", but it makes me laugh: Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (pentalogy). It's from the 70's so it's more modern, definitely light-hearted.

Love your drawing, by the way :D

Mauricio said...

nice shape design with the body especially, love it! as for books, i haven't read a fiction book in a while unless you count the audio book for the last Harry Potter. But if you want non fiction, may I recommend "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell, about the shared traits found amongst people who have become incredibly successful throughout recent history.

Seema said...

Ted - thank you for the recommendation! those books sound so exciting! i'll definitely look out for them the next time i go to chapters :)

Victoria - i'm embarrassed to say i've never actually read a Jane Austen book before D: lol thats one author i've totally over looked!
the brush i used is actually just one in Photoshop! theres a bunch of them like that, if you just test them out you'll find it!

Michelle- i watched the movie and thought it was hilarious! I'll definitely put that on my summer reading list! (and thanks :p)

Mauricio- ha yess harry potter is the best :) thanks for the recommendation! Outliers sounds really interesting (another book to add to my list! :D )