Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Caravel

Dare I say it?? Layout is FUN *gasp*
I've never really been drawn to layout but I've recently realized it incorporates a lot of what I really like to do. The perspective and technical aspects have always thrown my interest off but I really had fun with this assignment :) well I had a lot more fun with prop design (which I will post in a few hours once its scanned and cleaned up.) Its obviously not perfect, but I'm happy with the result, especially since my feelings towards layout have done a complete 180!

This layout is based on a type of ship called a cravel, and its a pirate ship!! arrr..


Elaine Chen said...

Yay Layout!Yep its definitely fun.
And this turned out nice=D

Ted Blackman said...

Seema, technically this would be called a schematic, which is what storyboard artists need to create their staging, but this also has all the information needed to create the background layouts in whatever angle the storyboard scene calls for. Very nice!
One thing that really adds interest to actual background layouts is adding silhouetted foreground elements on overlays that frame the action, it helps create as much depth as possible, which means drama! Look how much more interesting your drawing is with the overhead beam added. Thanks for sharing your work.

Seema said...

Thanks Ted! I accidentally called it a layout, but its is actually being used for my current storyboarding project and i'll be making some layouts from it :) Thanks for the advice too! I'll definitely remember that when i'm doing the layouts