Friday, October 29, 2010

A Little Thief

Rough poses for my contrasting characters assignment. I'll post the whole thing by tomorrow (hopefully!)
Criticism is definitely welcome!


le Gopinath said...

nice seema.. i like the concept so far... im not an expert and my character stuff is far from decent.. but since you asked for some constructive criticism.. .this is really nitpicking... so don't worry if you don't listen.. but the character reminds me of the little girl from the end of the jungle book... so maybe stylizing the design a lil more to make it look even more unique... which in your case, is really easy because you already have a wicked style so yeah.. i know these are rough but, i hope that helps.. a little atleast lol

Seema said...

thanks Manu! too bad i read these after i handed it in :(