Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Princess and Jim Hawkins

I drew this a LONG time ago and i've slowly been colouring it in photoshop when i've been bored. i originaly wanted to make a bg for it too so it looked like a movie still, but I dont see that happening anytime soon...

so here is a pretty-fied and Disney-fied version of what i might look like as a disney princess. (an angry and yellow disney princess..... uploading it made the colours change... :s)

ANYWAYS it doesnt look like, me i know.. lol

if anyone wants to give colouring it a try go ahead and let me know!!
I also did a rotation of Jim Hawkins from Disney's Treasure Planet over the summer, just for fun :) I have a few minor things to fix and then i'll upload the whole thing! Theres also a little surprise at the end with morph instead of doing a lip sync :D I cant wait to finish this up!


Gyimah said...

YEAAAHH!! lol I love the princess u ! If I were any good at colouring in Ps I would try haha I'd ruin it :p

Seema said...

LOL aw thanks! nothing like me tho! OMG Gyimah! you crazy boy your fantastic with photoshop!!