Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Lumber Jack and some Clouds

My final Character poses and some terrible cloud paintings. I really like the colours i used in them, but I'm not so thrilled with my technique....still learning how to paint with guoache!!


Victor Preto said...

hey not to bad! but if i may give some possibly helpful advice, clouds; work with more water in your guache for a softer feel, and character; maybe try and push the poses a bit more, its all better then what i was doing at that time though, good job :)

Seema said...

thanks for the tips! yeh the thing with guache is that its difficult to add water without making it look like water colour! its really hard to master, but i definately know theres a balance i need to figure out :)
and my expression sheet i'm trying so hard to break out of that safe zone of typical expressions :P